​The Spirit Realm

Their are occasions in Scripture when the curtain is lifted so as to unveil some things which are normally hidden from the natural eye. Such unveilings are centered around the reality of the spirit realm. The spirit realm is the non-material world which co-exists, and parallels the physical world, and often the borders of these two worlds do merge. It is a place inhabited by a hierarchy of spiritual beings. Scripture records the concept of a three-fold heaven: (1) The atmosphere, (2) the place of the stars, (3) the abode of God. Observe the following; 1 Kings 8:27, " But will God indeed dwell on the earth? behold, the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee..." Nehemiah 9:6 "Thou, even thou, art LORD alone; thou hast made heaven, and the heaven of heavens,..." Psalms 128 "Praise him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above the heavens." The highest spiritual realm, called the "Third Heaven", is where one encounters the very presence of God. 2 Corinthians 12:2 in spite of Satan retaining some access, at this level its all good for no evil can dwell there. However, good and evil spirit beings dwell in the two lower levels of the spirit realm.

 The nature of spirit beings provide a great deal of information about the environment they exist in. For instance, Luke 20:36 tells us that these spirits don`t die, Hebrews 12:22, they are innumerable, Luke 2:12,& Ezekiel 1:14 reveals how spirits travel at incredible speed, Revelation 4:8 lets us know that spirits need no rest, Numbers 22:31-34 reveals how spirits can be present yet invisible then appear visible, Hebrews 13:2  tells us that spirits can even appear in human form.

Now visualize, hundreds of thousands of powerful spirit beings using these abilities with great precision within an invisible community; this my brothers and sisters is the realm of the spirit. It is significant to note that everything  done in the spirit realm exceeds and outclasses what goes on in the physical realm. You see, the spirit realm is a higher place, and it is parental to the physical realm. To say that the spirit realm is parental means that everything material has its origin in the spirit realm.

Envision the daily routines or assignments of supernatural beings that show up invisibly (meaning you may or may not be able to detect their presence) or effortlessly change their appearance from a spirit being, to a human being, or manipulate objects, or even animals, and do it all flawlessly with inconceivable speed. Such capabilities tell us something about levels of a greater logic they must have in order to operate so swiftly and effectively in both the spiritual and physical realms. It`s noteworthy to compare how much spirit beings know about us and how meticulously they operate in both realms, against how people operate primarily in the physical realm while knowing little about these beings and the spiritual space where they dwell. Since this is true, its also significant to prayerfully consider how "reality" for these spiritual beings must be much more "real" than it is for us.

​Daniel Enlightened About Spiritual Realm

​TLB version of Daniel 10:11-14, " And I heard his voice-"O Daniel, greatly beloved of God," he said, "stand up and listen carefully to what I have to say to you, for God has sent me to you." So I stood up, still trembling with fear. Then he said, "Don`t be frightened, Daniel, for your request has been heard in heaven and was answered the very first day you began to fast before the Lord and pray for understanding; that very day I was sent here to meet you. But for twenty-one days the mighty Evil Spirit who over-rules the kingdom of Persia blocked my way. Then Michael one of the top officers of the heavenly army, came to help me, so that I was able to break through these spirit rulers of Persia. Now I am here to tell you what will happen....."

The book of Daniel reveals four extraordinary visions which the prophet Daniel received while serving under the reigns of three kings; Belshazzar, Darius, and Cyrus.  The above passage reveals aspects of the final and longest vision. Its important to note that at this point in the text that in spite of being  used by God to interpret dreams, being miraculously delivered from a lions` den, and having such a intimately spiritual connection with God, that  Daniel was struggling trying to rap his mind around the encounter with the angelic being and the subsequent  revelations.  I refer to this particular passage because what`s conveyed is so clear about some of the activity that occurs when the spiritual world and physical world actually merge. Based on my focus I`m compelled to zoom in on the unseen yet very vivid aspects of spiritual activity going on behind the scene of our physical reality.

Let`s consider what was conveyed to Daniel by the angel about  a conflict or battle that occurred between himself (being an angel) against a (dark angel) Evil spirit. Much is revealed when the angel says that the very first day, ​that Daniel began to fast and pray that God had sent an angelic messenger to answer Daniels prayers. The demonic interference began as soon as the angel was sent by God. From a military perspective the timing of an attack is always calculated. As stated elsewhere spiritual beings move with great precision. I mean their timing is impeccably precise; they don`t miss a beat and they do it with incredible speed. The precision also tells us something about how swiftly determined the evil one (Satan) moves to protect the godless system he has established in the physical world. This particular battle had been going on for twenty-one days, and was not over, since the messenger was only relieved or temporary replaced by Michael. Consequently the diabolical interference also points to how very powerful evil territorial spirits must be since they can hinder an angelic messenger for three weeks or more, even though it had been sent directly from God. 

 In essence, unseen diabolical influence operates with, impeccable precision, incredible speed, evil determination and supernatural power. Therefore, the Archangel Michael; being much stronger was sent to help so that the other Angel could get through to Daniel. This passage further reveals the unseen reality of how spirit forces constantly battle for the souls of humankind. Here, it is clear that invisible influential forces were working behind the scene within the minds of the rulers over the Persian Nation. What is it about humankind that creates such conflict between spirit beings? Know this: as it was in Daniel`s day, such battles over the hearts and minds of earthly leaders  of various institutions occurs in every generation of human history. Is it possible that humans would be totally under paralyzing evil powers, if not for angelic assistance? As I prayerfully contemplated the angelic being telling Daniel "...I was sent here to meet you, But for twenty-one days the prince of the kingdom o Persia withstood me...:but, lo, Michael, one of the top officers of the heavenly army, came to help me,..."  I was given, through God`s grace and mercy the following personal revelation of this particular biblical episode. I wrote down the details and employed Mr. Michael Z. Ruolngul a awesome artist who captured every detail. Its entitled Good Prevailing Over Evil.  The angle in the background  has just been relieved by Archangel  Michael and is on it`s way to meet Daniel. I envisioned Michael having the Prince of Persia in a "Double Full Nelson" (wrestling technique or maneuver) whereby rending the evil one totally incapacitated! His helmet is cracked and falling and he couldn`t even hold on to his sword. Know this: Good will always prevail over evil. Although this visual imagery lines up or implies with what the biblical passage conveys about this  battle, the actual interaction of spiritual beings probably reaches well beyond human intellect. This is because, although spirit beings possess a will, emotions, intellect, and self-consciousness .but,  unlike humans, they  don`t die. Mmmmm.....


Let`s backtrack, to link together a larger perspective to better understand  how profound the insight was for Daniel. Get this, Daniel knew about the God-given prophecy Jeremiah received which foretold of the Babylonian invasion (Jeremiah 25:1-11) whereby God`s people would be up-rooted from their home in Jerusalem and taken into captivity and serve the King of Babylon for seventy years. During his seventy years in captivity, to say the lest, Daniel found himself in a world but not of it. His external surrounding had changed tremendously. The nation of Jerusalem was demolished, as was the holy temple. The Babylonian system Daniel found himself in was quit similar to the godless worldly system we live in now. Furthermore, although seventy years was about up, evil was rapidly accelerating, politically, economically, culturally, religiously, and quit frankly the evil one appeared to be winning. In spite of all of this, Daniel had a unique perspective because he would not compromise by going with the godless cultural flow of the times, nor by agreeing with anything else that would dishonor his God.  He held onto his faith, God-given convictions, the holy word and every promise of God no matter what godless changes, storms and diabolical tactics produced around him. Daniels strong determination and faith opened the door whereby in time he would be filled with profound insights. Oh yes! "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled."

You see,  Daniel also believed according to the prophecy of Jeremiah 29:10 that God would have his people released from captivity after the seventy years so they could return to their homeland and begin rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem.  These were the circumstances which prompted Daniel to fast and pray for answers about his people. Daniel got his answer, but he also received much more. He received a bigger picture of reality,  which flooded his spirit with profound insights.  The angel touching his shoulder, calling him by name, and speaking life was astonishing. Moreover, imagine how impactful gaining such understanding must have been for Daniel as he got a glimpse into the unseen activities unfolding behind the scene in the realm of the spirit. It had to be indescribable. Similarity,  the impressions he experienced while listening as the angle foretold him the future history of the region all the way down to when Jesus would come and establish God`s kingdom on earth, were inexpressible.  Consider, as stated previously, the cumulative effect upon Daniel as he stood there trying to concentrate on it all in real time.

Daniel 10:15-17 describes the effect which the revelations had upon him.  Observe Daniel`s initial response, " All this time I was looking down, unable to speak a word. Then someone-he looked like a man-touched my lips and I could talk again, and I said to the messenger from heaven, "Sir, I am terrified by your appearance and have no strength. How can such a person as I even talk to you? For my strength is gone and I can hardly breathe." Oh yeah, to say that Daniel was speechless would be a gross understatement. Imagine what it was like for Daniel later on that night, afterwards, perhaps as he lay in bed reflecting on all that transpired on that day. Talk about being transformed by the renewing of your mind! Real talk, indeed. 

 Prayerfully, try placing yourself in Daniels shoes. Now it is you contemplating the revelations conveyed. Think about what these truths entail personally. The personal revelation I received above ( Good Prevailing Over Evil) is just one of the lessons in this text that screams for out attention. You see, it compels us to acknowledge how some struggles in life involve spiritual aspects we don`t even see, and emphatically reveals how unseen spiritual powers, both good and evil, are actively involved in and at times even create the headlines in political, economic, military, cultural, religious, and educational, judicial systems on the earth.  Moreover, above it all, Almighty God is the one who has the last say. Almighty God is the one who heard Daniels cry. Almighty God is the one who sent Michael to intervene.