Men Empowering Men Gods` Way.

                                 " Iron sharpeneth Iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." Proverbs 27:17

Description of Study: The purpose of this faith based study group is nestled within truths conveyed in the above proverb. Observe the breakdown of this passage. Viewed metaphorically, the word "iron" is used to denote hardness, firmness, and strength. Subsequently this view is equivalent to saying that "He goes hard in the paint!" If you're a little older you might say, "When the going gets tough the tough get going.!" You see, those who possess such hardness  are ferociously determined. The question then becomes how do they consistently go so hard? They go so hard because they`ve learned to appreciate the sharpening. You see, in this context the translation of the verb "sharpeneth" not only defines the act of sharpening, but also means to be alert, keen, swift and fierce. How does this sharpening stuff work? It is a process which starts from entering into a faith based authentic relationship with God. It`s the only way, and it describes a relational journey with God; through which, those called by God, unite, share and through faith apply biblical truths appropriately when addressing situations, circumstances and various storms of life. Those who truly taste God`s goodness while addressing their storms have a opportunity which can lead to an insatiable hunger designed  by God to equip them with a ferocious determination to achieve God`s assignment in there life.

Addressing issues of life this way  consistently is how he becomes swift, fierce, and subsequently transformed into Ironman. Make no mistake; I`m not referring to the fictional character, nor men who become flawless, but men flowing in the anointing given by God. Such men are fully equipped, humble and truly guided by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, and the infallible authority of scripture. Next, consider the word "so" in this Proverb. It joins and clarifies the relationship of the two clauses in the passage. When reading the word "so" obviously  the writer wants us to connect the dots. He wants us to see beyond personal benefits gained from being sharpened, and understand that the sharpening process was designed to compel those who are graciously being sharpened too sharpen others.

It`s significant that he employs the word "countenance." Countenance describes facial expressions, or ones` demeanor, and can speak of the "presence" a person brings when walking into the room. Here a friend is depicted as having loss composure and consequently experiencing some sort of spiritual, emotional, or mental melt-down. Stay with me here, and connect the dots. Envision yourself as "ironman" anointed, and a friend has entered the room, he is despondent and struggling immensely. You are compelled to help, what do you do first? Now flip the script, envision yourself as the one entering the room. You are struggling, confused, hurt. You don`t need someone to pinpoint your weaknesses, you need someone to sharpen your countenance. It`s significant to note that the first time countenance was used in scripture was when Cain went from experiencing the hot emotion of anger to the cold emotional state of bitterness, which drove him to murder his own brother.

Finally, the reciprocal meaning expressed in Proverbs 27:17 is vitally important. Reciprocal simply expresses the concept of continuously giving and taking from one another in ways that enable us to achieve our God given assignment. You see, while iron is sharpening iron we are developing our ability to employ our unique gifts in ways that enhance spiritual growth, individually and collectively, moving onward and upward; iron sharpening iron. To God be the glory! Amen.

Study Objectives: 1.We will consider the difference between what scripture describes as the 'natural man" and the "spiritual man." (1 Corinth.2:12-16, Romans 7:18-24, John 3:1-12, Jer.17:9-10) 2.Study what renewal of the mind consists of and how various influential forces effect how we receive, perceive, and retrieve information. (Ro.12:1-2, 2Corinth. 10:4-5) 3. Study various elements to help people with the process of change. (Gal.6:1) 4. God`s attributes, and various biblical doctrines are thematically woven into each study. These studies are held At 6:00 P.M. every Friday at Needle`s Eye Christian Counseling Center. In the near future study material will be posted on this web site as well. It is our prayer that God enrich all who link up with us at Needle`s Eye or by future posts. Amen.