Dream Content

 In Natural Health Cheryl Redmond speaking with Deirdre Barrett, Ph. D., a Psychology professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston a practicing psychologist, and leading expert on dream content says, "While we sleep we are able to hear what our unconscious mind is telling us about our body, says Barrett, because the senses we rely on while awake are subdued, and without interference from our senses, internal sensations get through more easily to our unconscious mind, which can send us a message in a dream." G. William Domhoff wrote the book Finding Meaning in Dreams, A Quantitative Approach, which is based on the ideas and research from Calvin S. Hall, who was the first American psychologist to study dream content, systematically. Domhoff says, "At the most general level dreams reveal our self-conception and our emotional preoccupations, and they tent to be more continuous with our waking thoughts and concerns than we generally realize." Later on in the book he writes, "The rather amazing consistency with which people dream about certain types of characters, social interactions, objects, and activities is a strong argument for the idea that dreams have meaning in the sense of psychological coherence and significance. If dreams were only random reactions to internal physiological processes, or entirely at the mercy of too much salsa or a bad day at the office, it is unlikely that their contents would be so consistent over months or years or decades.

  In Scripture we find God communicating to humankind in various ways. One such method is by way of dreams. Since dreams are produced while people sleep, they bypass reason, logic, mental mechanisms of defense, and preconceived notions, thus allowing the message to directly penetrate the heart. I take the position as many others that in Scripture, some of the most important, yet difficult messages which people struggle to accept, were often conveyed through dreams and visions. Obviously, divine revelations are not conveyed in most dreams, but I am convinced that God will use whatever methods deemed the most effective to penetrate the human heart.  God employs this method to edify and guide true believers into all truth. Doing so, furthermore is designed to Ultimately glorify God Almighty. Based on this understanding we find God bypassing human rational and even religious teachings,  by way of dreams and or visions so the biblical characters could not edit, distort or misinterpret the message when receiving it. I provide specific examples on why God employs dreams and visions in the 4th chapter of my book the The Novice.  For now,  I humbly invite readers to come see as I further elaborate on the graphic illustration of the godless system I provided on previous page.